What is Dana Perino’s Salary on Fox Five 2022

Dana Perino is the political commentator for Fox News, as well as a co-host of the network’s talk, show The Five, and a book publishing executive at Random House.

She began hosting The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino on Fox News on October 2, 2017. Perino left The Daily Briefing to co-anchor America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer in early 2021.

What is Dana Perino’s Salary on Fox Five 2023

Perino earns an annual salary of $1 million annually as a political commentator for Fox News as well as a co-host of the network’s talk show The Five.

Part of her wealth comes from her job as a political commentator and show host. She is also a book publishing executive at Random House. She has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Perino hosts The Five a Fox News Channel panel talk show in which five commentators discuss current events, political issues, and pop culture. The one-hour show debuted on July 11, 2011, and airs live on weekdays at 5 p.m. ET (with a Saturday morning repeat at 5 a.m. ET).

The show is currently hosted by Perino, Greg Gutfeld, and Jesse Walters, and rotational hosts Jessica Tarlov, Carley Shimkus, and Emily Compagno.

Dana Perino Journalist

Perino began her journalism career while still a college student. She worked for WCIA as a reporter covering the Illinois Capitol while a student at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS). She had also worked at KTSC-TV and KCCY-FM while at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Perino was then hired by Congressman Scott McInnis (R-CO) as a staff assistant in Washington D.C. She then served as the press secretary for Rep. Dan Schaefer (R-CO for four years until his retirement in 1998. Perino moved with her husband to Great Britain but returned to Washington D.C. in November 2001.

She served as a spokesperson for the Department of Justice for two years. Perino then became an associate director of communications for the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), where she provided strategic advice on message development, media relations, and public outreach.

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