Piper Rockelle Net Worth, Birthday, Height, Siblings, Dad, Boyfriend

Who is Piper Rockelle?

Piper Rockelle is an American multitalented girl and internet celebrity. She is a dancer, singer, actress, gymnast, and above all, a social media personality. She uploads a wide range of entertaining videos from pranks, to lifestyle, to challenges on her successful YouTube channel, which has more than 9 million subscribers.

Her fans are known as the #Piperazzi. She has amassed over 9 million fans on TikTok because of her comedic videos and organized dance moves with friends. She competed in beauty pageants and did some modeling before establishing a significant social media following.

Piper played a big role in the reality series Piperazzi and the Brat series Mani. She is goal-oriented, and she doesn’t seem to be losing momentum, and neither does her content, which is getting a lot of attention on all social media sites.

Piper Rockelle Age

Rockelle is 15 years as of 2022. She was born on August 21, 2007, in Georgia, USA. Her birth sign is Leo. Piper celebrates her birthday on the 21st of August every year.


Rockelle stands at an average height of 5 feet 2 inches.

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Piper Rockelle Education

Since she was a little girl, Piper has been homeschooled, which she says is great for independence but may be difficult when trying to make friends. As a result, she has mixed feelings of both love and disgust about homeschooling.

Piper Rockelle Mom & Siblings

Rockelle’s parents are Piper Smith and Tiffany Rockelle. She has been raised solely by her mother without the presence of her father, Smith. She has two older brothers; the eldest is Tyler Ray Hill and her second brother’s name is Hunter Ray Hill.

Rockelle is very close to her mom and we can credit her mother for the nickname “Piperazzi.” She revealed on iHeartRadio that her mother felt it would be a great idea to refer to her family as the “Piperazzis” after they recorded a TikTok to Lady Gaga’s song “Paparazzi.” And just like that, the name was formed.

Her greatest inspiration comes from her family. She has a close relationship with her family because her mother nurtured her completely on her own. Her family is supportive of her career, and Hunter, one of her siblings, is the driving force behind her YouTube account.

Hunter is experienced with social media and helps his sister in filming and editing some of her videos. He has been producing content since the inception of Musical.ly and he also has his own YouTube channel.

Piper Rockelle’s Passion for Pets

Piper’s love of animals was influenced by her mom, Tifanny and the two run a cat rescue organization that has taken in over 100 cats. She owns a pug named Frank Pugan who has developed his own social media following. Frank the Pugan was given that moniker in honor of the “Men in Black” pug.

Piper Rockelle Nationality

Rockelle holds American nationality. She is a native of Georgia, United States.

Piper Rockelle Net Worth

Rockelle has a whooping net worth of $2 million. Her sources of income are her career as an actress and dancer as well as proceeds from social media.

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Piper Rockelle Boyfriend

Rockelle is in love and we can confirm to you that she is in a romantic affair with her loving boyfriend, Lev Cameron Khmelev. They started dating in July 2020 and their relationship has been full of love ever since.

She revealed that she had a crush on Lev Cameron after going through his Instagram account. However, we can’t blame her for this because Lev’s photos have all of his fans admiring him.

She said in an interview that she first met Lev while working on a video with Jentzen Ramirez, but her heart was already giddy at that moment. Since they are official OTP and have been dating for more than a year, it is obvious that Lev felt the same way.

Piper Rockelle Songs

– Yesterday
– bby I
– Sidewalk
– It’s Christmas!
– Tea Party
– Butterflies
– Treat Myself

Piper Rockelle Movies and TV Shows

– Piperazzi
– Chicken Girls
– Mani
– Rock Squad
– Sitting in the 80’s
– Among Us in Real Life
– Mad Panda
– Dark Eyes
– Jentzen Ramirez
– Couples Challenges
– Piper Rockelle
– Elliana Walmsey
– Last to Get Arrested Wins $10,000
– Connor Cain-How I Say Merry Christmas

Piper Rockelle Socials Media

What Disease Does Piper Rockelle Have?

Piper shared on her YouTube channel that she has struggled with dyslexia since she was a young child and that reading has never been her favorite subject. Nevertheless, she has always persisted and put in the effort to succeed, and she urges her audience to do the same. Looking at her hard work, she refuses to let dyslexia limit who she is.

Does Piper Rockelle have a dad?

According to Piper Rockelle, she does not remember her father. He left the family a long time ago. Additionally, she revealed that she met her father only once when she was a little child.

Does Piper have a sister?

No! Piper doesn’t have a sister. She only has two brothers namely; Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill. This means that she is the only sister in her family.

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Who is Piper Rockelle’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Piper was in a relationship with Gavin Magnus but he is now her ex-boyfriend since they went their separate ways.

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