Pola Mochon

Pola Mochon MILF Manor Age, Nationality, Ex-Husband, Nationality, Net Worth

Who is Pola Mochon?

Pola Mochon is a Mexican American reality television star and fitness enthusiast. She happens to be among the eight women featured in the new Milf Manor TLC series who are looking for love.

The series which made its debut on January 15, 2023, features 8 older women as they try to find love in young men who are likely to be decades younger than them.

The women from Milf Manor travel to Mexico to spend their time in a tropical resort. There are many different personalities to take into account because they all live on the same property.

The women want the next phase of their lives to be all about them after having gone through marriage and raising children. They are now going to start an unusual dating journey in an effort to find love in their latter years.

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Pola Mochon Education

Mochon graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management from Universidad Anáhuac Mexico Norte.

Pola Mochon Age

Mochon is 48 years old as of 2023. She was born in 1975 in Mexico City, Mexico. She moved to the USA and settled in Miami where she also started her fitness firm.

Pola Mochon Height

Mochon stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Pola Mochon Husband

Mochon has been single for nine years. She revealed on MILF Manor, “My husband passed away in a car crash when I was 23 years old. That was incredibly difficult, but I wanted to provide my children a good life.”

She has two children with her late husband, a son named Jose Mizrahi and a daughter named Emma Mizrahi. Pola made the choice to “experience life to its fullest, create beautiful memories, and move on” for her children.

She stated that she is “willing to risk everything” in order to “find a special guy.” She continued by saying that she is “the kind of woman that really likes to be around a man,” that she has “never been by herself,” and that she “had boyfriends” when she was in kindergarten.

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Pola Mochon Net Worth

Mochon has an estimated net worth of $500,000. She owns a fitness studio in Miami called Powerumba. She makes money through her entrepreneurial endeavors, brand partnerships, and endorsements.

Pola Mochon MILF Manor

There is a lot of buzz about MILF Manor on the Internet. Women in their forties and fifties are ready to rekindle love and affection in their life. These women are particularly drawn to the flow of excitement that can only come from a youthful, passionate guy.

Pola described herself as “fierce” on Milf Manor and it is clear that her resilience and drive have served her well based on her career path. She hasn’t been in a relationship for nine years and is ready to try something new.

She is otherwise well-organized in her life, with a steady career and a tight-knit group of family and friends. Pola is visiting TLC’s “MILF Manor” in an effort to meet her ideal partner.

She says her ideal partner would be someone tall with gorgeous emerald eyes. Many women are reluctant to discuss their sex desires and sex lives in public.

The MILFS featured on the new TLC show, however, are not in the same context. They are renowned for pursuing their goals in life and will be transparent about every aspect of their lives to viewers.

The streaming platform released the teaser of ‘MILF Manor’ saying, “Eight hot moms leave home for the chance to find love with men half their age, but they’re greeted with a shocking twist.” 

What is Pola Mochon’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

Pola holds dual citizenship in Mexico and USA. Talking of her heritage, Pola is of Spanish descent and her first language is Spanish.

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Where is Mochon From?

Mochon is a native of Mexico City, Mexico. She prefers to speak Spanish as her first language.

What Happened to Pola’s Ex-Husband?

Pola’s husband, Mr. Mizrahi died in a tragic car accident at the time Pola was 23 years old.

What Does Pola’s Son Do For a Living?

Pola’s son, Jose works with her in the fitness industry and also is a Mexican television host.

Pola Mochon Socials

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