Where are Sally McNeil’s Children Shantina and John Now?

Who is Sally McNeil?

Sally McNeil is a former professional bodybuilder well-known in the 1980s. She became popular after news of her murdering her bodybuilder husband Ray McNeil on February 14, 1995.

Her story is being highlighted on the Netflix crime documentary series Killer Sally directed by Nanette Burstein.

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What led to Sally Killing her husband?

Sally and Ray McNeil met in the US Marines. Their romance began quite quickly and a few months after the meeting, they two officiated their relationship and got married in 1987.

Sally and Ray McNeil in their happy days
Sally and Ray McNeil in their happy days

Three days after getting married, Ray began physically abusing Sally and her two children John and Shantina.

On that fateful day, Sally and Ray McNeil got into a fight while their children were at home. She reportedly shot her husband and told 911 that he was beating her.  She also claimed that Ray got angry and began choking her after she accused him of adultery.

Police reports read that; Ray “slapped her, pushed her down on the floor, and started choking her. McNeil squirmed away, ran into the bedroom, and took her shotgun out of its case in the closet.” She then shot him in the abdomen and the jaw.

Sally was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to 19 years to life in 1996 even though she claimed it was out of self-defense.

McNeil served her sentence in prison at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California. On May 29, 2020, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation granted her parole.

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Who are Sally’s Children Shanita and John?

Sally McNeil's Daughter Shantina
Sally’s Daughter Shantina

Shanita was born to her parents Sally and Anthony Lowden who was Sally’s first husband. They were in a relationship for four years before they broke up and parted ways. John’s father is currently not known.

Both Shanita and John became Ray’s stepchildren when Sally and Ray got married. The two said they would see Ray beat up their mother until one time he broke her nose. Sometimes Ray would turn his anger on his step-daughter Shantina.

When Sally was in jail, Shanita and John moved in with their maternal grandmother who raised them.

John joined the US Military and had five combat tours in Afghanistan. He was previously married and now lives in Texas.

Shantina also joined the US Army where she worked for 16 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. She then joined an aerospace and defense technology company and now works as an IT network administrator for the Defense Logistics Agency.

Shanita is also a single mother living with her son in Grovetown, Georgia. Both John and Shanita are on good terms with their mother.

Who is Sally McNeil’s Husband Now?

Sally is now married to her third husband, Norfleet Stewart. They met at a support group while McNeil was on parole. Both her children attended her wedding with Stewart.

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