Shana Dahan

What is Shana Dahan’s Role in Storage Wars?

Who is Shana Dahan?

Shana Dahan is an American reality television star, actress, model, and blog writer. She is best known for her contribution to the reality show, “Storage Wars”. Her blog has done so well over the years and she takes credit for her hard work and dedication.

Despite the fact that she started blogging as a hobby, Shana’s blog has since gained the support and endorsement of multiple high-street retailers, with Edwina there as a backup. In addition to that, Shana has done multiple sensual lingerie and bikini shoots as a model and spokesperson for the Las Vegas-based photography company Hauteshots Boudoir Photography.

Shana Dahan Was Born in Las Vegas

Dahan is currently 43 years old. She was born on January 23rd, 1980, in Las Vegas, United States. However, she is of mixed heritage in that, her parents are from Morocco and Israel respectively.

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Shana Dahan Husband

Dahan is married to Adam Kilbourn, a renowned actor and film producer. They are blessed with a son named Zev who was born in 2019. Dahan and her husband have been together in marriage for more than 5 years. Professionally, Adam is a renowned filmmaker, producer, photographer, and actor.

Being a storyteller at heart, Shana’s husband is the president and founder of Black Raven Films, a company that specializes in facilitating clients in telling their stories through filming.

Black Raven has enjoyed working on a wide range of projects throughout the years, including live performances, short films, corporate video work, and commercials.

Shana Dahan Height

Dahan stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches.

What is Shana Dahan’s Role in Storage Wars

Shana is an insurance broker and she carries the skills with her in storage wars. She and her best friend, Edwina Registre have formed a bond unlike no other. Shana and Edwina seek to make some money by selling storage containers that others have thrown away.

In addition, they manage the fashion site Colorblind, with a related YouTube channel called ThiffersAnonymous, where she frequently models. In June 2019, the two also debuted a brand-new YouTube series called “This Is Who I Am.”

Shana Dahan
Dahan and her best friend, Edwina

The focus of this fascinating television (Storage Wars) program is on professional storage unit buyers who aim to close lucrative agreements at auctions. These purchasers place bids on storage units whose rent is overdue and/or which have been abandoned for more than three months.

Buyers have five minutes to assess the unit’s worth from its outside appearance and can only estimate the value of its contents within that time, which heightens the element of surprise. However, as customers frequently wind up getting pricey products they paid nearly nothing for, the excitement of not knowing what you get is brilliantly conveyed.

Shana Dahan and Edwina who happen to be best friends are among the reasons for the success of “Storage Wars.” The two quickly established themselves as formidable forces, searching for what they refer to as “new vintage.” 

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What Did Shana Dahan Study in College?

It seems like the stars were aligned for Dahan and Edwina to be friends for life. Believe it or not, they attended the same high school and their friendship grew from there to adulthood.

attended regular state schools, where she met her lifelong friend and Storage Wars co-star, Edwina Registre. Shana, who had recently joined her high school band, reportedly happened to sit next to another violist on the bus, Edwina.

Their immediate chemistry ignited a friendship that would last for many years. At some point, it’s that connection that makes the two of them working together fascinating to watch.

Shana chose to forgo her passion for music, dance, and theater in favor of a more practical degree in communications with a focus on public relations and a minor in psychology while in college. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

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