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  1. Not even another news hour close to Shepard Smith. His show was so informative and covered all news with no bias. I pray he lands somewhere else. Foolish of CNBC!

  2. Disappointed that Shepard SMith’s show is off the air. It was refreshing to have an actual “unbiased and proud of it” news show on the air. Most, if not all, news shows today, filter the news, are OK propogating lies and misinformation, instead of calling out those who present it. Polarizing society is big money.

    I was hoping CNBC would continue to invest in shows like Smith’s. WIth the exit of Smith, CNBC goes into the bucket of untrusted networks.

  3. Please some news network snap up Shepard Smith! His program is greatly missed by me and all my friends. He can be cheerful and humorous but he can be moved to tears, as during his coverage of Katrina. But most of all, he can be trusted to give us the news, not his opinion.

  4. SOrry to hear this. Shepard Smith was wonderful. A sharp guy with a great show – well planned and executed. Loved the topics and his coverage. He will be missed . Not many shows have this much going for it. Enough with the finance – honestly I see it 24/7. Smith filled a big gap in after 6 news. I can’t wait to see what happens next with him. I’ll be there !!

  5. Shepard Smith was really the only objective news show to watch. It was a treasure. We recorded it and watched it every evening. I told all my friends and relatives who complain about new bias to watch it. It feels so disingenuous to say CNBC needs a better news show. Now I have a negative and suspicious view of CNBC because I feel their choice was so unfair and possibly deceptive. I’m going to follow him wherever he finds a new home for his journalism.

  6. Please bring back The News With Shepard Smith. we loved the in-depth coverage and watched it regularly. We sure don’t need re-runs of Shark Tank. If you need to cancel something I vote for Shark Tank.

  7. We really miss Shepard Smith. It was our favorite TV news show. Please bring him back

  8. Really miss the energy and the in-depth attention Shep brought to the news. I hope he lands somewhere really soon. After watching his show, it’s difficult to watch the other programs. Big mistake CNBC.

  9. We watched Shepherd Smith every evening at 7 on CNBC. Forget a new business program in his place. So sad

  10. I hope Shep will go on another network I miss him – he was the news we looked forward everday – bad move for CNBC- GET HIM BACK!

  11. I certainly hope Shepherd Smith surfaces somewhere else soon. I need a new favorite news program I think axing Smith was ridiculous.

  12. Please bring Sheep back. We miss the hour show. We miss his personality and his style of presenting the news and his correspondents. We miss his 7:00 broadcast every week day. We love Rachael. Sincerely, Avid Listeners

  13. I watched Shep Smith news as a “more objective and balanced” presentation. So, yes, I will miss him.
    But do feel his claim of “just the facts and the truth” was a bit too much. Facts yes. but his presentation was not always the truth. Called sin of omission. It was not being reported that made it less than the “total truth”.
    But for sure, he was a huge improvement over Fox and CNN. Both slant the news, insert their opinions and omit the truth.
    News Nation now claims to be “balanced”. Yes, they are more balanced than CNN, FOX. Dan Abrams does a great job of presenting both sides. Chris Cuomo claims to be unbiased but his bias is very apparent.
    The state of journalism in the USA has been declining for years. Where is Huntley and Brinkley when we need them.

  14. I’ve been a fan of Shepard Smith ever since the New York Times editorialized him during John McCain’s run. Shepard totally destroyed “Joe The Plumber” on Fox, no less. I’ve been loyal ever since.

  15. To many so caled news men and woman say nothing news worth they all just give opions.There opinions. Shepard is missed very much in my family 7 pm was special with his news real news from around the globe plus financial. Hope he reservices soon real soon. We will watch for him . god bless

  16. I also really miss Shepard Smith’s evening news – as others mentioned, you actually got news and not a lot of people just discussing their views on things. Shep had a lot of news on that you never heard from other stations and he always told it in a very interesting and informative manner. I hope that very soon, we will see him back with a news program. I always felt I could believe the news as he told it.

  17. Miss Shepard Smith looked forward to watching his news!
    Can’t wait to find where he will be next. Too cut him without any notification to his viewers is not good for the station

  18. I miss getting my news from Shepard Smith every night at 7 pm. Other evening news shows were only 30 minutes and many were filmed earlier. Smith had the newest details so we got updated info that had been confirmed. I miss his sense of humor, his sing-song way to introduce “Wall Street”, “Time for the Top of the News”. It was obvious he loved his job and following his calling. His last few years at Fox he was disrespected and belittled – sometimes on air – by entertainers, not journalists. He more than earned his own Nightly News show. So did we
    I hope Shepard Smith reads these so he knows we had – and have – his back, and will follow to whatever network is lucky enough to get him (unless it’s back to Fox).
    Thank you.

  19. Not a smart move to can Shepard Smith! His news was the only news that wasn’t slanted one way or another – just the facts. I can’t wait ’til he finds his new station.

  20. I am really upset that Shepard Smith was cut . He is the only news person that I watch. I cannot wait to find out where he will be next. Dumb move CNBC!!!!!!

  21. I miss Shepard Smith every evening watching news. His foremat and style are what we need. Bad decision CNBC!

  22. i live in Canada and have watch Shepard Smith every day on CNBC. What a terrible shock to read that he was let go. forget about another business show. If the ratings were top rated they should have kept him and his team. What a terrible shame. I WANT SHEPARD SMITH.BACK.

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