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Shepard Smith CNBC Salary, Age, Wife, Parents, Leaving CNBC, Net Worth

Who is Shepard Smith?

Shepard Smith is best known for his 23-year tenure at Fox News Channel, where he worked as managing editor of the breaking news department as well as a chief anchor during the channel’s launch in 1996.

On October 11, 2019, he made an announcement that he was leaving Fox News. The following year, on July 8, 2020, CNBC announced that Smith will be joining their station as a chief general news anchor and chief general breaking news anchor.

Smith said that his tenure at Fox had become “unworkable” in a 2021 interview with Christiane Amanpour because of the “lies and misinformation” that were purposefully spread on the network’s opinion shows.

The News with Shepard Smith

The News with Shepard Smith is CNBC’s nightly program that offers in-depth, objective coverage and viewpoints on the most crucial events of the day. It goes far beyond headlines to give its viewers a sharp perspective into the world around them in real time and has on-the-ground reporting from all across the world.

The general interest news program, which debuted on September 30, 2020, airs at 7 PM ET. After two years, CNBC terminated the show on November 3, 2022, and Smith made an announcement that he will be leaving the network.

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Shepard Smith Wife

Smith married his University classmate, Virginia Donald in 1987. However, their marriage did not last that long and they subsequently divorced in 1993 without any children.

Shepard Smith Eye Lashes

In November 2018, a camera shot accidentally focused unintentionally on Shepard as he applied makeup during a live segment on Fox News. It is reported that he trims his eyelashes before going live on air.

Is Shepard Smith Gay?

Yes! Shepard came out clear in 2017 that he is gay. He opened up about his sexuality saying that he was indeed dating a man and that his work at Fox News had not been affected negatively by his sexual identity.

In fact, Graziano spent more than a year as a production assistant on Smith’s Fox News program beginning in 2011. He then switched to Varney & Co. on the Fox Business Network in 2012, where he finally rose to the position of producer before departing the show in 2013.

Why Did CNBC Cancel “The News with Shepard Smith”?

On Thursday, November 3, 2022, CNBC sent an email to its staff informing them of the news that they will replace Smith’s prime time program with coverage of the markets until a new live show specializing in business news debuts in 2023.

CNBC President KC Sullivan wrote the email that read; “After spending time with many of you and carefully examining the different areas of our business, I feel we must concentrate and focus on our fundamental strengths of business news and personal finance.”

Smith’s show will end at a later date in November and the most affected people are his team of roughly 20 people. In the upcoming weeks, CNBC will make an effort to assist affected employees in finding alternative job opportunities within the NBC News Group.

The move to part ways with Smith is Sullivan’s first significant choice since taking over CNBC from Mark Hoffman in September. The choice to replace Smith’s show with a nightly business program is smart, despite the fact that rival news companies like CNN are implementing cost-cutting measures.

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Where is Shepard Going Next?

Shepard has not yet revealed his next step. However, being a prominent journalist will most certainly land him on another top television network. We shall update you as soon as he reveals his next big step, so keep hovering.

Shepard Smith Socials

What is Shepard’s Net Worth

Shepard has a net worth of $25 million. He has worked in mainstream media for more than two decades generating a sustainable livelihood.

10 thoughts on “Shepard Smith CNBC Salary, Age, Wife, Parents, Leaving CNBC, Net Worth”

  1. To many so caled news men and woman say nothing news worth they all just give opions.There opinions. Shepard is missed very much in my family 7 pm was special with his news real news from around the globe plus financial. Hope he reservices soon real soon. We will watch for him . god bless

  2. I also really miss Shepard Smith’s evening news – as others mentioned, you actually got news and not a lot of people just discussing their views on things. Shep had a lot of news on that you never heard from other stations and he always told it in a very interesting and informative manner. I hope that very soon, we will see him back with a news program. I always felt I could believe the news as he told it.

  3. Miss Shepard Smith looked forward to watching his news!
    Can’t wait to find where he will be next. Too cut him without any notification to his viewers is not good for the station

  4. I miss getting my news from Shepard Smith every night at 7 pm. Other evening news shows were only 30 minutes and many were filmed earlier. Smith had the newest details so we got updated info that had been confirmed. I miss his sense of humor, his sing-song way to introduce “Wall Street”, “Time for the Top of the News”. It was obvious he loved his job and following his calling. His last few years at Fox he was disrespected and belittled – sometimes on air – by entertainers, not journalists. He more than earned his own Nightly News show. So did we
    I hope Shepard Smith reads these so he knows we had – and have – his back, and will follow to whatever network is lucky enough to get him (unless it’s back to Fox).
    Thank you.

  5. I am really upset that Shepard Smith was cut . He is the only news person that I watch. I cannot wait to find out where he will be next. Dumb move CNBC!!!!!!

  6. i live in Canada and have watch Shepard Smith every day on CNBC. What a terrible shock to read that he was let go. forget about another business show. If the ratings were top rated they should have kept him and his team. What a terrible shame. I WANT SHEPARD SMITH.BACK.

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