Stephen Hung

Stephen Hung Bling Empire Net Worth, Age, First Wife, Children, Cars

Who is Stephen Hung?

Stephen Hung is a prominent name in the finance and fashion business world. He currently serves as the chairman of The Taipan Investment Group as well as the vice chairman of Rio Entertainment Group, which oversees the Rio Hotel & Casino in Macau.

His resume also indicates that he previously served as the joint chairman of Hong Kong-listed The 13 Holdings Limited. In this article, we have covered every aspect of his life from his career, marriage, and personal life so keep scrolling.

Stephen Hung Age

Stephen is 64 years old. He was born on August 24, 1959, in Hong Kong, China.

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Nationality and Ethnicity

Stephen holds Chinese nationality considering the fact that Hong Kong is not a country. Hong Kong is neither a Chinese city nor a completely sovereign country. Instead, it is the Special administrative region (SAR) of China.

He has lived in the USA for the majority of his life, therefore it makes sense to conclude that he has experienced several cultures. So talking of his ethnicity, Stephen is primarily of Asian heritage.

Stephen Hung Education

Hung studied medicine at Columbia University and later enrolled at the University of Southern California, where he received a master’s degree in business administration.

Stephen Hung Wife

Trust me, there is little need to introduce Stephen Hung and his wife, Deborah Valdez-Hung. He met her in Hong Kong when she had traveled there on a holiday after receiving her law degree. Deborah gushed about the merits of her husband, saying, “I come from a very conservative household.”

She continued, “I didn’t want him to impress me with anything other than his brains when I first met him. He is magnetic in some way and everyone wants to talk to him, including financiers and designers.”

Stephen Hung Wedding

Hung and his wife exchanged their vows in 2012 at The Ritz-Carton in Hong Kong. It was a colorful wedding attended by family members and close friends.

Stephen Hung’s Net Worth

Stephen has a staggering net worth of $400 million. The Bling Empire Netflix series claims that the Hungs appear to have a higher combined wealth, which could be up to USD 2 billion, quite apart from the $400 million.

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Stephen Hung Cars and Mansion

Although Stephen Hung and Deborah Valdez-Hung have staggering net worth, the couple also has other fascinating traits that help to explain why they can afford to live in such opulent luxury.

This New York power couple understands how to increase the glam factor with their luxurious estate, an impressive fleet of luxury cars, an amazing collection of designer fashion, and an overall flamboyant lifestyle.

It’s understandable why he was dubbed the “world’s biggest spender” in 2014 after learning of his stunning USD 20 million purchase of 30 customized Rolls-Royce beasts. Even the carmaker called it the “world’s single largest order of Rolls Royces ever.”

Stephen Hung Bling Empire

Stephen has a long career in finance and is one of the wealthiest cast members in the Netflix series Bling Empire: New York. The wealthy business magnate and entrepreneur, whose parents are wealthy real estate investors, has worked in a variety of positions during his career.

He swiftly decided to take a different path and began a career in investment banking while serving as Citi’s vice president of real estate. Later, he was named the region’s head of investment banking at Merrill Lynch.

Hung is also mentioned in Netflix Life as the current vice-chairman of the Rio Hotel and Casino in Macau and the former joint-chairman of 13 Holdings Limited. The Bling Empire: New York couple can frequently be seen together in the front rows of runway shows and on the covers of designer labels.

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Where Did Stephen Go to College?

Stephen attended Columbia University and later enrolled at the University of Southern California.

How Many Children Does Stephen Have?

Stephen and his wife are proud parents of two children namely, Ivan Hung and Sean Hung.

Who is Stephen’s First Wife?

There is no way Stephen has an ex-wife. He is married to his lovely wife, Deborah and they are living a happily married life.

What Does Stephen’s Wife Do For a Living?

Stephen’s wife is a former Mexican supermodel, lawyer, businesswoman, and elite socialite. She is the owner of an Asian-European modeling firm called Dreamodels.

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