Sugar reunited with RM, JHope and Jin

SUGA surprised Army with Some of BTS Members

SUGA alias Agust D ended his Agust D Tour on August 6, 2023, in Seoul, South Korea. The final three days of the tour were full of surprises that Army was not expecting. On the first day of the tour which was held in Seoul South Korea at KSPO Dome, Jung Kook showed up and performed Burn It together. He later performed his new song Seven later on.

On the second day, Jimin joined Suga on stage and performed their song, Tony Montana. Jimin also performed his song Like Crazy later.

On the third day, Armys were so eager to know who would appear since it has been long since the seven members were on stage together. Suga brought out RM, the leader of BTS, and sang their song Strange together. RM also sang his unreleased song as a gift to his fans. He also had a new look and sooner clarified that he only cut his hair because it was hot and had nothing to do with his military enlistment. He also said that that day would be his last stage performance before enlisting.

Jhope and Jin also took a break from the Army and attended Suga’s concert. Armys were so happy as they never expected any of the two members who were at the military to show up.

After his performance, RM joined Jin and Jhope as they watched Suga perform on his last show. Suga’s Agust D Tour ended very well and he is actually trending in most countries.

RM, Jin and Jhope at Suga's Concert
RM, Jin and Jhope at Suga’s Concert
Jin and Jhope at Suga's Concert
Jin and Jhope at Suga’s Concert

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