Tammie Frank Age, Ex-Husband Jason David Frank’s Death, Daughter

Who is Tammy Frank?

Tammy Frank is a skydiver, Muay Thai Black Belt Instructor, and the vice president of Rising Sun Karate in Houston,  Texas. She is widely known as the ex-wife of actor Jason David Frank.

Jason David Frank was an actor and mixed martial artist. He was widely known for his role in the Power Rangers franchise as Tommy Oliver.

What was Jason David Frank’s Cause of Death?

Jason David Frank died at the age of 49. His Power ranger co-star Walter E. Jones shared his disbelief at the news on his Instagram saying “Can’t believe it… RIP Jason David Frank 🙏🏾. My heart is sad to have lost another member of our special family.”

A reliable news website cites he died by suicide.

Why Did Tammy Frank File for a Divorce?

Tammy and Jason David Frank got married in 2003. They had one daughter Jenna Rae Frank born in 2004. Jason adopted Tammy’s daughter Shayla Frank from Tammy’s previous relationship.

Jason was previously married to Shawna Frank from 1994 to 2001. They had a daughter and two sons called Skye Frank, Jacob Frank, and Hunter Frank.

In August 2022, legal documents revealed Tammy filed for divorce from Jason citing infidelity as one of the reasons for their split.

She also revealed that they were having unending disagreements and conflicts and that he was cruel toward her. They separated in July 2022.

What Does Tammy Frank Do?

Tammy is a Skydiver and Muay Thai instructor. She is also a Kru under the Muay Thai International Association and the government of Thailand. She has shared a couple of videos of skydiving with her ex-husband actor Jason David Frank.

Tammy also produced and co-starred in the reality show My Morphin Life. The show gives the fans of Jason David Frank an inside look at his life as an actor and Martial Artist.

Jason David Frank Acting Career

Frank was cast as Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger. The role would last 14 episodes. Because of his popularity, he was reintroduced as the White Ranger and the team’s new commander.

Frank was slated to play Adam Steele in VR Troopers (formerly titled “Cybertron”), and he shot a pilot episode before being summoned back to Power Rangers.

However, owing to Tommy Oliver’s popularity among Ranger fans, Frank was reintroduced, with Tommy Oliver taking on the role of White Ranger.

After leaving the series in 1997, Frank returned to Power Rangers as the Red Zeo Ranger in 2002 for the special 10-year anniversary episode “Forever Red” in Power Rangers Wild Force, which reunited him with Austin St. John. He later played the Black Dino Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder in 2004.

In the season finale of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, Frank reprised his role as Tommy Oliver (who served as the episode’s Green Ranger). He appeared as an inhabitant of Angel Grove in the 2017 film Power Rangers, with fellow Power Rangers actor Amy Jo Johnson.

For the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers, he reprised his role as Tommy in episode 10 of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel in 2018. Frank announced his retirement from the franchise in 2022.

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