Teddy Soares Should Move on to The next Hun on Love Island

Teddy Soares has been such a gentleman and respectful since he came to love Island. He was even one of the most faithful guys in Casa Amor. He did not deserve the treatment he got from Faye Winter. Since he joined the Villa on Day 12, he has been nothing but a respectful, honest, loyal, understanding, and loving guy to Faye. Faye has been dropping red flags here and there since she joined the Villa and here are some instances.

Her reaction When Huggo commented on Plastic Surgery

Hugo Hammond and Chloe Burrows were conducting the ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You,’ game, where the islanders got to name their partner’s biggest turnoffs. During his turn, he said that his turnoff was fakeness.  He repeated his comment by saying “Personality and looks… fakeness it is.” Immediately, Sharon Gaffka and Faye Winter were seen making faces about his comment.

Faye's reaction to Hugo's Plastic surgery comments
Faye’s reaction to Hugo’s Plastic surgery comments

When it was Chloe’s turn, she said her perfect type partner has to be “natural leggy blonde,” to which Hugo responded, “So I put leggy blonde. Not fake.” At this moment, Faye was mad and whispered “That word [fake] keeps getting thrown around doesn’t it?”

After the game, Faye said Huggo should get educated as to why girls get work done. Sharon confronted Huggo and explained to her how she felt about her remarks to which he apologized. When Sharon told Faye that he cried, she commented that “I don’t give a f*** if he’s upset he can f*** off.”  Despite him apologizing and crying out over what he said, Faye still talked ill about him for hours which made him feel belittled.

Faye Winter Shouting at Chloe

In a challenge called ‘Line of Booty’, the girls had to pick a boy of their choice to throw in the ‘Love Island jail’, and decide whether or not to share a kiss. At this time Toby was coupled up with Kaz, and Chloe was in a friendship coupling with Hugo even though she fancied Toby. Chloe took this chance to share a deep kiss with Toby which actually changed his mind.

When they went back to the villa, Kaz shared her disappointments to Faye and her friend Liberty who did not like her behavior and termed it insensitive. Faye began talking about the situation with Rachel and when Chloe tried to get involved she shouts at her and tells her  ‘shut up’ and ‘stop looking over here. Stop being nosey and stay over there in your vibe.”

Even though Faye later apologized, this just continued to show her character and who she was as a person.

During The Recoupling After Casa Amor

During Casa Amor, Teddy remained faithful and even slept on the Daybeds the entire time with Jake. A postcard with pictures of the boys misbehaving arrived at the villa, when Faye saw Teddy kissing a girl in a challenge, she got mad and immediately began looking for a second option which was Sam.

During recoupling, Teddy came back alone which proved he chose her. But still, Faye found it better to begin a shouting match. When Teddy was conversing with Laura, Faye began shouting at Teddy saying “Did you forget about a kiss? Is a dare worth more than my feelings?” He still calmed down and told her it was a dare in a game. Eventually, he told Laura that he was just following his heart and let Faye and her furious self be.

During a ‘Movie Night’ For the Contestants

During a game where the boys and the girls battled it out to watch unseen moments from their time on Love Island, there was a clip where Teddy was being flirty with Clarisse Juliette while at Casa Amor. Teddy told Clarisse that he was sexually attracted and would like to share a bed with her that night.

This made Faye fume with anger together with a scene where Jake was encouraging the boys to ‘cheat’. The whole episode was a screaming match between Faye and well herself as everyone was being calm about the situation. She even shouted at Matthew MacNaab and Dale Mehmet who tried to calm her and told the to F**K off.

Faye winter shouting the entire time
Faye Winter shouting the entire time

In the end, as Teddy tried to talk to her, she shouted that ‘You had a sexual connection with Clarisse, you didn’t trust sharing a bed with her!’ Teddy replied; ‘If you don’t want to believe that I give a s**t about you,’ he said. ‘I’m less p***ed off about what you saw, and I’m more p***ed off about the way that you’ve reacted.’

Faye ended things by screaming that,

‘I’m done with this conversation. If you wanna speak about my reaction based on your actions, you can f**k off. 

‘My action, my reaction, was only based on your f**king actions, so f**k off.’

Many viewers were furious with how she handled the situation yet she also chose to recouple with Sam and talk shit about Teddy. They demanded that Faye be removed from the show immediately.

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