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The Furrha Family Members, Names, Ages, Family Tree, Net Worth

The Furrha Family

The Furrha Family is a popular social media family who first blew up on Tik Tok during the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020. They later created their YouTube channel where they shared more of their longer videos on their Youtube channel which consisted of pranks, challenges, and vlogs.

The family is headed by Salem Furrha popularly known as Coach together with his wife and eight children. They decided to try tik tok videos in 2020 as they were at home bored with nothing to do. After one of Linda’s Tik Tok videos went viral, they decided to open a family account and show the world what an Arab Muslim large family looks like.

He shared; ‘You do things on Arab culture, some Arab skits—we keep it mostly normal, family skits. We have fun, we make people laugh.”

They have so far received positive reviews with some of their followers messaging them saying they have really made their days with their videos or helped them deal with a difficult situation.

“It reminds me of coaching, being a good person, athlete, the necessities of life. If you make someone laugh that day, you did something good in the world. Especially in this time when people are having a rough time.” He added.

The Furrha Family
The Furrha Family Photo

The Furrha Family Members and Ages

As of 2022, members of the Furrha family are listed below together with their ages.;

  • Salem Furrha ‘Coach’- 57 years old
  • Samah Furrha-42 years old
  • Nader Furrha-32 years old
  • Fifi Furrha-30 years old
  • Rush Furrha ‘Junior’-29 years old
  • Hanna Furrha- 28 years old
  • Sammy Furrha-26 years old
  • Linda Furrha-22 years old
  • Rekan Furrha ‘Rocky’-20 years old
  • Kies Furrha-16 years old

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Who is Coach Furrha?

Salem Furrha popularly known as Coach is a businessman, high school football coach, and now a social media personality. He became popular after he and his family began creating funny Tik Tok family content where they shared the joy and perks of a large family.

Where was Coach Furrha Born?

Coach Furrha was born in Kuwait on January 12, 1965, to a Muslim, Palestinian family. His family moved to the United States in 1966 and settled in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

He graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. His father was also an engineer. Coach became a real estate agent for a while and soon after he began coaching high school football.

Coach Furrha First Wife

Even though he does not talk much about it, Coach was previously married to his first wife and had five children in his first marriage. He went on to marry Samah Furrha his current wife.

Coach Furrha Children

Coach already has a full family of children and grandchildren. His children are Nader, Fifi, Rush, Hanna, Sammy, Linda, Rekan, ‘Rocky’ and Kies. His sons Nader and Rush have children while his two daughters Fifi and Hannah are married.

Fifi is married to Kareem and together they run the Tik Tok and YouTube channel Dontstopmeowing. They mostly share funny videos of their cat Chase.

The Furrha Family Net Worth

The Furrha family has a net worth of over $1 million combined. They have earned their income mostly from brand deals as a social media family. They also have individual jobs apart from social media.

What does Coach Furrha do for a living?

Coach Furrha is an entrepreneur apart from being a social media personality. He is also a real estate agent and a coach for high school football.

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How many children are in the Furrha family?

Coach and his wife have eight children. The first five are from Coach’s first wife while the last three are from his second marriage.

What race is the Furrha family?

The Furrha’s are of Arabic origin. Coach is Palestinian born in Kuwait while Samah was born in Lebanon. They now live in Irvine, California.

Where do Kareem and Fifi live?

Kareem and Fifi live in California a few blocks from their parents. They run the tik tok Dontstopmeowing where they share funny videos with their cats.

The Furrha Family Socials

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