Tia Corine

Tia Corine Boyfriend, Daughter, Age, Height, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Songs

Who is Tia Corine?

Tia Corine is a fast-rising American rapper and she is finally getting the recognition she deserves. She has won the hearts of more than a million people who listen to her music on SoundCloud and 4.25 million more on Spotify, not to mention the tens of thousands of TikTok videos.
Soon after releasing her song, “Lotto,” it attracted the attention of local DJs, clubs, and radio stations. It also began to gain popularity on the internet, which helped spread her name across the United States.

Tia Corine Age

Corine is 29 years old. She was born on June 10, 1993, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Her birth sign is Gemini.

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Tia graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology from Winston-Salem University, a historically black college, and university.

Tia Corine Height

Corine stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Tia Corine’s Parents and Ethnicity

Corine comes from a mixed racial and ethnic heritage. She was first introduced to a wide range of music at the age of four by her father of Japanese and African American heritage and her Shoshone Indian mother.

Her mother would play the biggest songs from pop and rock, while her father would play the best hip-hop songs, spanning the old and new schools. That was how her unique musical taste was born.

Speaking of what inspired her musical style, Tia said “As for North Carolina: I do believe that my hometown has influenced the songs I create. I firmly believe that my music reflects both my parents and my hometown.”

Tia Corine Tattoos

Corine likes getting tattoos and she has many of them. She has most of them on her stomach, arm, and back, and also others on the back of her leg.

She said; “My favorite tattoo would be the one on my stomach. It’s of a Komodo dragon, and it starts on the front of my stomach and ends all the way around to my back.”

Tia Corine Boyfriend

Corine is not dating at the moment. However, she was previously in a rocky relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. Upon the release of her song, “Forever”, she said;

“I recently ended my relationship with my boyfriend and things were going well, and I felt like myself. I felt like confronting people in this song after seeing a few sneak disses online.”

Tia Corine’s Net Worth

Corine has an estimated net worth of $800,000. She generates her income from her career as a rapper. She also generates some income from endorsements and brand deals.

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Tia Corine Songs

– FreakyT
– Lotto
– Chaka Khan
– Get The Strap
– Gas Station
– Bo Time
– Boogie
– Paris Hilton
– You’re Fired
– Avril Lavigne
– In My Room
– Hotel Mink
– Find Yours
– You Matter
– On P’s
– Rockstar
– Birds

Tia Corine Socials

Tia Corine’s Career As a Rapper

Corine started this journey by taking flute and piano classes and also started to perform on local talent shows. She released her song, “Lotto,” which attracted the attention of local radio stations, DJs, and clubs.

She also began to gain popularity online, which helped to spread her name across the United States. This also drew the attention of her manager, Marcel “Flip” Holmes, the CEO of Lyric Management Group. Flip then talked to his friend, Arnold Taylor, CEO of South Coast Music Group (SCMG) about this project.

Fast forward and Tia signed with SCMG at the end of 2019 and dropped her debut album, “34Corine.” The term “34Corine” is inspired by Winston-Salem, where she is coming from.

Many residents of her hometown view her as their city hero because no one has ever left Winston and progressed to where she has reached today. Everyone in the city is cheering on her and it appears that she is carrying the entire city on her back.

What are Tia’s Hobbies?

Tia models in the street occasionally, but she would like to try doing more runways. She also wants to pursue acting. Additionally, she plays the flute, and with it, she is able to read and write music.

Who is Tia Corine’s Director?

Tia directs her own music videos. She said that Quentin Tarantino inspires her when she wants to go for a photo shoot or whenever she directs her own videos.

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Does Tia Have a Daughter?

Yes! Tia has a beautiful daughter named Zoe.

What Label is Tia Corine Signed To?

In late 2019, Tia signed with SCMG and started working on her debut project which was set to be released in the third quarter of 2020.

When Was Tia Rapper Born?

Tia was born in 1993. She celebrates her birthday on the 10th of June every year.


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