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Is Tyler Hoover Quitting YouTube? Wife, Age, Net Worth

Tyler Hoover is a popular name not only in the United States but the whole world. He has shaken the internet scenes for a few years now as an internet personality, reality TV star, and YouTuber.

He has also been the subject of several rumors, from his career to his marital life, particularly in 2023. When you’re a celebrity couple, you become vulnerable to all kinds of stories.

While many couples, such as Tyler Hoover and Quynh Anh, dismiss these rumors, others respond spectacularly. But are his rumors true? This is what we have discussed in this article so keep scrolling.

Who is Tyler Hoover?

Tyler Hoover is an American YouTuber known for his car collection and maintenance vlogs. His Hoovies Garage YouTube channel has about 1.5 million subscribers. He makes a living by purchasing, repairing, and selling back cars.

According to our research, Tyler was a car salesman before he launched his YouTube channel in 2016. Seven years later and counting, he has established a unique reputation.

Tyler Hoover


Tyler Hoover Age and Height

Hoover is 36 years old as of 2023. He was born on July 18, 1987, in Wichita, Kansas, USA. Hoover stands at an average height of 5 feet 111 inches.

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Tyler Hoover Met His Wife at a Restaurant

Tyler Hoover is married to Quynh Anh Hoover who was born in Vietnam and spent her childhood in a rural village north of Saigon. According to several credible reports, Quynh moved from Vietnam to the U.S. around 2008.

The exact reason for this move is not known at the moment but we can assume that she moved to the United States for educational purposes. We can justify the assumption because Tyler said that his wife majored in a topic that is related to Chemistry.

As a matter of fact, Tyler and his wife are brilliant people because they are both pursuing careers that require high levels of intelligence. Now that we have talked about his wife, how about we talk about how these two love birds met?

We did our research and realized that Tyler and Quynh met in Wichita, Kansas, at an Asian buffet restaurant. Tyler was a client at the restaurant and it happened that Quynh was employed at the same restaurant.

Just serving him and having a little conversation sparked their relationship. Fast forward, to the couple married in 2019 in Kansas and a second ceremony in Vietnam for Quynh’s family. They were blessed with a son who was born soon after their wedding in 2019.

Tyler Hoover

Has Tyler Hoover Divorced?

Hoover and his wife are still together in their marriage. However, we can weigh the prospects because who knows the future? exactly! no one!

If true, according to Marital Laws in regard to Kansas, each party in the divorce is entitled to a portion of the marital property. While marital property obviously means houses, it also means cars. That means if Hoover is really getting a divorce, Quynh Anh is entitled to a portion of his fleet.

This rumor is supported by the proof that Hoover has stopped wearing his wedding ring in recent videos, in contrast to earlier ones.

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Is Tyler Hoover quitting YouTube?

Fans have been curious to know whether or not Tyler is quitting YouTube. He shared a video in April 2023 with a questionable title that reads; “Selling my collection with Doug DeMuro as I begin saying goodbye to Hoovie’s Garage.”

As usual, his fans wanted to know if he was quitting YouTube and they were seriously concerned. Not let me quench your curiosity by confirming to you that Hoover is not quitting YouTube whatsoever.

The first three-quarters of the video shows Hoover working with fellow car YouTuber and friend Doug DeMuro. Hoover sells DeMuro three vehicles through Cars and Bids in exchange for DeMuro’s “star power” and social media in an effort to spread the word and, hopefully, attract higher winning bids.

Hoover made a lengthy response on his official Facebook page to the rumors and the video. He said, “Not leaving YouTube, but needing a new beginning personally.”

This is a bitter-sweet response because it confirms that Hoover won’t be quitting his channel; rather, he’ll likely take a break as he handles personal matters.

According to his YouTube account, Hoover is quite open with his followers and is likely to keep track of his adventure. In the meantime, expect increased car sales from Hoover in the near future, and don’t be shocked if he temporarily reduces his posting frequency.

What is Tyler Hoover’s Net Worth?

Hoover’s net worth is roughly $2 million as of 2023. He is a former car salesman who later became a car writer and YouTuber. He makes thousands of dollars by purchasing, repairing, and reselling cars. On top of that, he makes money from endorsements and brand collaborations.

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Where Did Tyler Hoover Go to School?

After elementary school, he enrolled at and graduated from Andover High School in 2010. He then enrolled at Wichita State University to pursue a bachelor’s in Political Science and Government.

How Many Children Does Tyler Hoover Have?

Tyler has two children, a son from his current marriage and a daughter from his previous marriage.

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