Who is Venus Morris Griffin?, Is She Married Now?

Who is Venus Morris Griffin?

Venus Morris Griffin is a real estate agent, motivational speaker, and author. She became popular after sharing her story with the Humans of New York podcast  Her story was shared on their Instagram page which has over 11.7 million followers. She shared the shocking story of her previous marriage with her ex-husband Tripp Morris who lived a double life.

Venus met her then-husband Trip Moris while they were studying at the University of South Carolina. Tripp was the president of his fraternity and drove a Corvette and was a cheerleader at USC in the late 1980s, the state reports.

They were married for 20 years, and she characterized him as “the most beautiful man I’d ever seen,” “all-American,” with “blue eyes,” a “cute dimple,” and “in terrific form.”

Their first date took place during a golf tournament in Hilton Head, and they went on to have the most perfect relationship.

He was the type of dad who taught Bible study, coached school football teams, and organized fundraisers, and they had six children together.

Why did Venus Divorce her husband?

In March of 2022, a human interest blog and publication – Humans of New York – shared the accounts of Venus’ life.

Chronicled in 13 parts, she detailed how she met her ex-husband and what led to the downfall of their marriage and their lives together.

Sometime in 2011, the author received a call from a prostitute who was involved with Tripp.

The prostitute told Venus: “Venus, you don’t know me. But I’m calling to tell you what an awful man your husband is.”

Venus described the turn of events: “I woke up our oldest son John. I said: ‘Your dad’s been living a double life, so I’ve got to run down and meet somebody. Can you watch the baby?’”

The motivational speaker recalled: “She said that Tripp had been sleeping with prostitutes for years. And they were blackmailing him. They’d taken all our money.”

“He’d given them credit cards and they’d maxed them all out.”

“She described this charming man, who suddenly turns into someone that is trying to kill you. And I knew then that she was telling the truth.”

Why Was Tripp Jailed?

According to Venus, the Tripp is currently serving a 45-year prison sentence in Georgia.

He was convicted with two counts of aggravated child molestation and as per The Sun, is an inmate at Baldwin State Prison in Milledgeville, Georgia.

In her Humans of New York story, Venus detailed that her husband would sometimes have bad tempers and mood swings, but she had no idea what he had really done.

She learned of her husband’s wrongdoing when she received a call from a prostitute who told her that her husband had been conning sex workers for years.

After Tripp admitted to this and checked himself into a rehab facility, one of their daughters came to her and revealed that her father had abused her too.

Is She Married Now?

Fast forward to 2022, Venus is divorced from Tripp and married to another man named Hank Griffin – a CEO and company president from Augusta, Georgia.


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