Is Yasmin Finney Transgender in Real Life?

Who is Yasmin Finney?

Yasmin Finney is an English actress who became popular after starring in the  Netflix romantic coming of age film Heartstopper. Finney plays the role of Elle Argent, a transgender student at Harvey Greene Grammar School for Girls (Higgs Girls) and the best friend to Charlie, Tao, and Isaac.

Yasmin was initially cast as Kesla in the upcoming coming of age film WhatIf?. She had to pull out of the film due to COVID-19 travel restrictions impacting her ability to get a United States work visa.

Yasmin Finney Age

Finney is 18 years old. She was born on August 30, 2003.

Yasmin Finney Height

Finney is quite tall. She stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Yasmin Finney Parents

Finney was born and raised in Manchester by her parents. Her mother is called Tracey Finney. On many occasions, Finney has hinted on her Tik Tok account that she is not on good terms with some of her family due to them being transphobic.

Despite not having all the support from her family, she has constantly shared that she is happier and thriving without them.

Yasmin Finney Gender

Finney identifies as a female. She was however born as a boy. Even though she is quite popular now, there are no photos of her before she transformed.

Finney has been considered one of the most influential transgender actresses and one of Tik Tok’s biggest influencers.  She uses her influence to encourage and give confidence to her fellow transgender people and the general audience as well.

Yasmin Finney Nationality

Finney is of English nationality and of black ethnicity.

Yasmin Finney Partner

Finney is probably single. She has shared a number of times on her Youtube and Tik Tok that she is definitely single. She has shared that she has had a challenging experience while dating to her being trans. At one point, a guy shouted hurtful words at her after she revealed to him that she is trans.

Yasmin Finney Heartstopper

Finney stars in the Netflix coming of age series Heartstopper playing the role of Elle Argent. She is the best friend of Charlie, Tao, and Isaac who are considered the losers of the school. She had to transfer from Truham Grammar School to the girl’s school Higgs after coming out as transgender.

The series shares how Elle navigates through a girl’s school, making friends and also finding love. She one time revealed to her friends that she has a crush on her best friend Tao.

Heartstopper which premiered on April 22 also stars Kit Connor playing Nick Nelson, Joe Locke Playing Charlie Spring, William Gao playing Tao Xu, Corinna Brown playing, Tara Jones, and Sebastian Croft as Benjamin “Ben” Hope.

Yasmin Finney’s Net Worth

Finney has an estimated net worth of $100 k or more as an actress and social media personality.

Yasmin Finney Tik Tok

Yasmin is quite popular and influential on Tik Tok. On her Tik Tok account yazdemand, she has been able to pull over 818k followers and over 10 million likes.

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