Yoon Ahn

Yoon Ahn Ambush Net Worth, Age, Husband, Nationality, Parents

Who is Yoon Ahn?

Yoon Ahn is an American fashion designer. She serves as the creative director of her brand Ambush as well as the jewelry design director of Dior Homme. She acknowledged that she doesn’t follow a certain fashion style.

Her work for both Ambush and Dior Homme reflects her passion for pop art themes. Her avant-garde designs usually contain gold, metal, and/or jeweled pieces with themes that reflect American and Tokyo hip-hop fashion trends.

Yoon Ahn Parents

Ahn has spent most of her childhood in Seattle. Her family frequently relocated between the United States and other countries because her father served in the military.

She first developed an interest in the fashion business by reading popular fashion publications while working a part-time job at her neighborhood library.

Yoon Ahn Age

Ahn is 45 years old as of 2021. She was born on November 21, 1976.

Yoon Ahn Education

Ahn was a student at Boston University.

Yoon Ahn Ethnicity

Ahn holds American nationality and she is of Korean ethnicity.

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Yoon Ahn Husband

Ahn married her husband Verbal in September 2004. Verbal whose birth name is Ryu Yeong is a Japanese rapper and record producer.  Together, they established the jewelry company Ambush with the primary purpose of creating jewelry just for Verbal.

In addition to their original ranking in 2015, Ahn and Verbal both made their debuts on the Business of Fashion’s list of the Top 500 People Influencing the Fashion Industry at the same time.

Yoon Ahn Net Worth

Ahn has a net worth of $2 million. He generates her income from her career as a fashion designer.

Yoon Ahn and Asap Rocky

Kanye West in one of his infamous Instagram outbursts accused A$AP Rocky of sleeping with Yoon Ahn. In response to that, Yoon clarified the matter on her Insta Story saying;

“Not only using false sex accusation, spreading that lie in the name of God to insult a woman is lowest of the lowest,” She wrote, adding a scripture from the Bible that reads: “Be aware of false prophets -Matthew 7:15.”

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Ahn relocated to Tokyo in 2003 with her family, where she and her husband started to lay the foundation for their forthcoming jewelry collection. The following year, she co-founded the jewelry company Antonio Murphy & Astro.

In 2008, she and her husband launched Ambush, a high-end jewelry line. As soon as prominent celebrities like Kanye West wore her AMBUSH “POW!” pendants, she started to gain fame within the fashion industry.

Ambush began as a couture jewelry label, but in 2015 it broadened its fashion products to include unisex high-fashion streetwear that matched the jewelry.

Ahn gained experience in the fashion industry despite not having received formal training in the field through her design background and relationships with prominent people.

Ahn continues to run her design company with her husband in addition to serving as the company’s creative director. The two have previously teamed up and collaborated with brands and e-commerce companies including Beats by Dre.

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