Zahriya Zachary

Zahriya Zachary Bethel Music Age, Husband, College, Songs, Net Worth

Who is Zahriya Zachary?

Zahriya Zachary is an American Worship Singer and Songwriter. She is the newest member to join the Bethel Music Collective. As of November 2022, she leads worship in Lubbock, Texas at Church on the Rock.

Zachary enjoys attending worship services in different places since each venue has its own culture and portrayal of God. Every time she leads, she wants people to forget about her and head straight to Jesus.

She feels that worship is where we belong; because it is the most basic and natural way that the Lord has called his people to do. Worship doesn’t necessarily have to look like music; it may look like so many different aspects.

Zahriya Zachary Age

Zachary has not revealed her exact age. All we know for sure is that she was born in Spring, Texas, USA.

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Zahriya Zachary Height

Zachary stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Zahriya Zachary Education

Zachary graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Texas Tech University.

Ethnicity & Nationality

Zachary is of African American heritage and holds American nationality.

Zahriya Zachary Husband

Her marital status is uncertain at the moment. It is not known whether she is married or not. Zachary has kept her personal affairs away from the public and this has made it difficult to identify her partner.

Zahriya Zachary’s Net Worth

Zachary has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She generates her income from her career as a singer.

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Zahriya Zachary Socials


– Back to Life
– Vida nueva
– Hymn Of Heaven
– I Trust You
– Simple Ways
– Himno de los cielos
– Fresh Wind / Let It Rain

Zahriya Zachary Bethel Music

The goal of the worship movement Bethel Music is to guide people’s hearts into powerful encounters with God’s presence that ignite local, national, and international revival. What started as a small-scale church music ministry has developed into a global initiative made up of a group of songwriters, artists, and musicians.

This movement was started in 2001 by Brian and Jenn Johnson, whose goal was to develop worshipers who embrace their genuine selves and place a high value on their relationship with God.

Robert Doherty held the first gathering of Bethel Church at a private residence. The church outgrew its home and relocated to a larger location on Magnolia Avenue under the leadership of Pastor Doherty.

In order to encourage and prepare the worldwide Church, Bethel Music has issued 16 corporate worship albums, the most recent of which is Homecoming (2021). Each of these albums has a special concept and style of worship.

Zachary joined Bethel Music on July 17, 2021, and she is the newest member of the Bethel Music Collective. Despite coming from a non-musical household, she developed a love for music at the young age of six while learning to play the piano. Zahriya sings “Back To Life” and “Hymn Of Heaven” on the newest Bethel Music album, Homecoming (2021).

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Where Did Zahriya Zachary Go To College?

Zachary was a student at Texas Tech University. She didn’t lead worship until her first year of college when the Lord made it very clear to her that the time had come.

The Lord instructed her to start singing worship when she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Texas Tech. She started serving on the worship team at her church while still pursuing her degree, learning more about worship leading and culture.

When Was Zahriya Zachary Born?

Zahriya has not revealed her date of birth. However, she was born in Spring, Texas, USA.

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