Who is Mark Shields’ Wife, Anne Hudson Shields? Cause of Death, Net worth

Who was Mark Shields?

Mark Shields was an American political columnist and commentator. He served in leading roles for a number of Democratic candidates’ presidential campaigns. Since 1988 Shields delivered political analysis as well as commentary on a weekly basis for the PBS NewsHour until his retirement in 2020.

Mark Shields Cause of Death

Shields passed away on June 18, 2022. His wife was right by his side at the time of his death. However, the cause of death is ye to be revealed.

Mark Shields Health

Before his passing, Mark had never reported any case of illness. He seemed to be fine but let’s wait for the family to give further details and we shall keep you updated.

Mark Shields Wife

Shields was married to Anne Hudson Shields. It is not known the date and year they married though their marriage seemed to be one kind of  long lasting. Anne is a lawyer by profession and a former civil servant having served at the United States Department of the Interior. Mark and Anne were blessed with a daughter named Amy Hudson Shields. They also have two grandchildren from their lovely daughter.

Mark Shields Career As a Journalist

Shields joined The Washington Post as an editorial writer in 1979. In that same year, he started writing a post for Creators Syndicate, that is currently distributed countrywide. Shields was also a frequent panelist on Inside Washington, a weekly public affairs show that aired on both PBS and ABC until December 2013, when it was canceled.

On the December 14, 2020 edition of the NewsHour, anchorwoman Judy Woodruff stated that Shields will be departing the show as a regular analyst following the December 18 edition. Shields’ final regular appearance on the NewsHour was on December 18, and Woodruff stated that he would continue to be an occasional contributor to the NewsHour amid critical political news and events.

Mark Shields Political Affiliation

Shields was a registered member of the Democratic party.

Mark Shields Social Media

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