Craig Melvin Children Delano Melvin and Sybil Melvin

Craig Melvin

Craig Melvin is an American journalist and tv host working for NBC News as the news anchor for Today. He was made a permanent co-host of Today Third Hour in 2019.

He began his career at WIS-TV while still a high school student and later joined WRC-TV, the NBC’s owned station in Washington DC. At WRC-TV is where he met his wife Lindsay Ann Czarniak who was working as a sports anchor and reporter.

Apart from being a talented journalist, Craig is a wonderful father two his two children Delano Melvin and Sybil Melvin. Craig and his wife have always shared their parenthood journey with their millions of fans and help demonstrate balancing work and healthy parenting.

How did Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak Meet?

Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak first met in 2008 when they both worked at the NBC-owned station WRC-TV in Washington. Lindsay was a sports anchor and reporter while Craig was a news anchor at WRC-TV.

They went for a few dates and later began dating. They kept their relationship on the down low as they were both public figures. The cole ten got married on October 15, 2011, and have been living with their children n their home in Connecticut.

Craig Melvin Children Names

Delano Melvin (Del)

Delano Melvin is the first child of journalists Craig and Lindsay. Del was born on March 10, 2014, making him 8 years old in 2022. Delano loves playing soccer, dressing up as spiderman, and doing arts and crafts.

He frequently appears on his parent’s Instagram accounts where they often share some of his milestones with their followers. In June 2022, Craig shared Delano’s first communion while her sister had a gymnastic recital that same weekend.

Sybil Melvin

Sybil Melvin is the second child of Lindsay and Craig Melvin. She was born on November 5, 2016, making her 6 years old in 2022. Like her brother, Sybil is frequently seen on her parents’ social media pages.

At the time Sybil was born, Craig was on a tight assignment covering the 2016 elections. He had to neglect most of his work duties to prepare for his newborn daughter.

In his blog post, Craig shared that;

“I’m competitive and don’t like getting beaten on the big story much less missing it altogether, but the bond paternity leave creates between father and child is far more important than any news story will ever be,”

Craig and Lindsay Parenthood Journey

Craig and Lindsay have very demanding jobs as journalists. But they both have time for their children and know how to balance the two. When his first child was born, Craig had to put aside all his duties to take care of his family.

During his paternity leave, he said he was hands down with all the duties of a newborn. He was changing diapers, feeding, and burping.

“I was able to be there for the earliest of memories and learn how to change diapers, burp and feed, but was also able to tag out my wife who, despite superhuman powers, still likes the occasional nap or shower,” he wrote.

Things were a little “different” when Sybil was born. Instead of putting all of his attention on his newborn daughter, Craig spent a lot of his time making sure their son knew there was enough love in the house for two children.

“There’s no division — you multiply. Sure. I haven’t changed as many diapers this time around or helped with as many newborn feeds, but I’ve discovered I’m valuable in a whole new way.

I can piece together a Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle with my eyes closed, rush to the grocery store to stock up on yogurt and fruit snacks, negotiate nap times or night-nights and run a shuttle service for a child whose playdate and school schedule rivals a cable and network news anchor’s work day.”

Lindsay also had a hard time accepting her youngest child graduated from preschool. She took to social media and shared how happy she was about her daughter’s milestone which made her emotional.

She shared in an Instagram video saying

“Guys, I need mom help because I have been dreading this day for like, seven years.

“I tortured myself last night watching videos of her on her first day of school walking in with her little pigtails. At school drop-off this morning, she hid her tears by wearing a pair of sunglasses.

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