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FOX 9 News Minnesota

KMSP-TV virtual channel 9 is a Fox affiliate tv station licensed to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its notable on-air staff includes Jason Matheson, Kendall Mark, Alex Lehnert, and Randy Meier among others. You can live stream Fox 9 programs here.

FOX 9 Morning News Anchors

-Leah Beno
-Tom Butler
-Bill Keller

-Alix Kendall
-Kelly O’Connell

-Dawn Stevens
-Shayne Wells

FOX 9 Meteorologist

-Alex Lehnert
-Ian Leonard

-Keith Marler
-Cody Matz
-Jennifer McDermed

FOX 9 Sports Team

-Dawn Mitchell
-Pierre Noujaim
-Jim Rich

Fox 9 Morning Buzz Cast

-Alix Kendall
-Kelly O’Connell
-Shayne Wells

Hobie Artigue

Hobie Artigue was a reporter and anchor for FOX 9 Sports. He left Fox 9 with his final day on air being on June 28th, 2022.

Leah Beno

Leah Beno is a reporter and weekend morning anchor at FOX 9. Ahe joined Fox 9 in 2009 from WGHP where she was a reporter.

Leah Beno Husband

Leah is married to her husband Matt. They have two sons together Vincent John and Joseph Matthew.

Shayne Wells

Shayne Wells is a morning reporter at FOX 9. She is a feature reporter and host of Good Day at Fox 9 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was among the team of four people that helped create ‘The Jason Show,’ a one-hour entertainment show that premiers on a daily basis.

Shayne Wells Fox 9 Salary

Wells earns an estimated annual salary of $68,333 – $74,034 as a reporter at Fox 9.

Tim Blotz

Tim Blotz is a news anchor at FOX 9. He anchors the early primetime newscasts from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on FOX 9 and FOX 9+.

Blotz Wife

Blotz is married to his wife Susan. His two daughters were diagnosed with T1D as children which led him and his wife to be actively involved with JDRF to find a cure for cancer.

Tim Blotz Fox 9 Salary

Blotz earns an estimated annual salary of $100, 000- $200, 000 as a news anchor and reporter at FOX 9.

Ian Leonard

Ian Leonard is the Chief Meteorologist at FOX 9. He joined Fox 9 in 2006 and has been able to share his love for science and weather with the people of Minnesota ever since.

Ian Leonard Fox 9 Salary

Leonard earns an annual salary of $200 k as a meteorologist for Fox 9.

Pierre Noujaim

Pierre Noujaim is a reporter and anchor for FOX 9 Sports. As a real sports junkie, he may be found on the sidelines of many local athletic events, both as a writer and as a fan. He has previously worked at KXTV News 10 ABC in Sacramento, California as a sports reporter on a full-time basis.

Pierre Noujaim Fox 9 Salary

As a sports reporter and anchor, Pierre earns an annual salary of between $110 k- $230 k.

Jim Rich

Jim Rich is the Sports Director at FOX 9. He is the sports anchor from Sunday through Thursday on the evening newscasts at FOX 9. In addition, he hosts Vikings postgame shows and FOX 9 Sports Now Sunday nights at 10:35 p.m.

Jim Rich Fox 9 Salary

Rich earns an annual salary of between $110 k- $230 k as a sports director and sports anchor.

Other Notable Fox 9 Journalists

Paul Blume
Tom Butler
Kelcey Carlson

Bisi Onile-Ere
Hannah Flood
Maury Glover
Courtney Godfrey

Amy Hockert
Theo Keith
Bill Keller
Alix Kendall

Alex Lehnert
Tom Lyden
Kendall Mark
Keith Marler


Jason Matheson
Cody Matz
Jennifer McDermed
Mary McGuire

Randy Meier 
Dawn Mitchell 
Kelly O’Connell
Nathan O’Neal

Rob Olson
Babs Santos
Karen Scullin
Dawn Stevens



How much does a FOX 9 reporter make?

FOX 9 reporters earn an average of $68,333 – $74,034 annually.

How much does Alix Kendall make?

As a reporter and news anchor, Alix Kendall makes around $74,034 annually.

Who is Shayne Wells married to?

Shayne Wells is married to her husband Ryan. They have two kids, Kerris and Tillman.

Who is the new FOX 9 weather girl?

Alex Lehnert was the new meteorologist for Fox 9. She joined the station in 2018.

Fox 9 News Anchors Salary

News anchors at Fox 9 earn an estimated annual salary of $110 k- $230 k.

Fox 9 News Anchor Fired

Some of the Fox 9 news anchors who have left the station recently include Iris Perez, Jackie Cain, Steve Patterson, and Courtney Godfrey. Iris Perez revealed in 2021 that she would be retiring from journalism to recover from symptoms of a traumatic brain injury.

Jackie Cain left Fox 9 in 2021 to move back to the Pittsburgh area to be closer to her family. Courtney Godfrey announced at the end of 2021 that she would be taking a break from TV news to pursue a competitive snowboarding career. She hopes to qualify for the 2022 Paralympics.

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