Gen Halilintar Family Members

Gen Halilintar Family, All 13 Members Ages, Net Worth

Who are the Gen Halilintar Family?

The Gen Halilintar family is a large Indonesian family of 11 children, who are known for their YouTube channel and their entrepreneurial ventures. The family is led by Halilintar Anofial Asmid and Lenggogeni Faruk, who have been married since 1994.

The name Gen Halilintar comes from the matriarch Gen and the patriarch Halilintar. The family consists of 6 sons and 5 daughters who work together with their parents as a team.

The Gen Halilintar children are:

  1. Muhammad Attamimi Halilintar (20 November 1994)
  2. Sohwa Mutamimah Halilintar (25 April 1996)
  3. Sajidah Mutamimah Halilintar (17 Juli 1997)
  4. Muhammad Thariq Halilintar (29 Januari 1999)
  5. Abqariyyah Mutammimah Halilintar (13 Juli 2000)
  6. Muhammad Saaih Halilintar (16 Maret 2002)
  7. Siti Fatimah Halilintar (26 September 2003)
  8. Muhammad Al-Fateh Halilintar ( 25 Februari 2006)
  9. Muhammad Muntazar Halilintar (20 Mei 2008)
  10. Siti Saleha Halilintar (1 Oktober 2010)
  11. Muhammad Shalaheddien El-Qahtan Halilintar (12 Agustus 2012)

The Gen Halilintar family has been featured in several documentaries and reality TV shows, and they have also published several books. They are known for their entrepreneurial spirit, and they have launched several businesses, including a clothing line, a record label, and a talent agency.

As of 2023, the Gen Halilintar family’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. They are one of the most popular families in Indonesia, and they have a large following on social media.

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Gen Halilintar Family Members
Gen Halilintar Family Members

Here are some of the achievements of the Gen Halilintar family:

  • They have the most subscribed YouTube channel in Indonesia, with over 18 million subscribers.
  • They have published several books, including “Gen Halilintar: The Power of Positive Thinking” and “Gen Halilintar: The Habit of Success.”
  • They have launched several businesses, including a clothing line, a record label, and a talent agency.
  • They have been featured in several documentaries and reality TV shows.
  • They are one of the most popular families in Indonesia, and they have a large following on social media.

The Gen Halilintar family is an inspiration to many people, and they show that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. They are a family of entrepreneurs, and they have achieved great success in a short amount of time. They are also a family of travelers, and they have visited over 100 countries.

Story Behind the Succesful Indonesian Family

The Halilintar family from Indonesia, consisting of Anofial Asmid (father), Lenggogeni Faruk (mother), and their eleven children, are famously known as Gen Halilintar. The family, with Minangkabau heritage, gained popularity after the publication of the book “Eleventh Gen Halilintar: My Family My Team” in early 2015. The book, in high demand among the public, chronicles the journey of parents who are entrepreneurs and travel worldwide for business, with their children, without any assistance or help.

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Who is Halilintar Anofial Asmid

Gen’s father, Halilintar Anofial Asmid, was born in Dumai City on October 13, 1968, to Asmid bin Datuk Syamsuddin Malako Kayo and Nurdini binti Zainuddin, a Minang immigrant family from Agam Regency, West Sumatra. Asmid comes from Padang Tarok, Baso, Agam, and works at Caltex’s Accounting Department, while Nurdini comes from IV Angkek, Agam, and is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Andalas University. After getting married in Padang, the couple migrated to Dumai and gave birth to Halilintar as the first of six children.

Gen Halilintar Family Members

Who is Lenggogeni Faruk

Gen’s mother, Lenggogeni Faruk, was born in Pekanbaru City on October 29, 1972, to Umar Faruk bin Haji Muhd ​​Zein and Yulfia bint Azhari bin Abbas. Lenggogeni’s parents come from Payakumbuh, West Sumatra. Umar graduated from ITB Pharmacy and married Yulfia in Bandung. After marriage, the couple lived in Palembang before moving to Dumai. In Dumai, Umar worked in the Medical Department of Caltex, while his wife gave birth to Lenggogeni as the third of five children.

Halilintar and Lenggogeni got married in Jakarta in January 1993. They were both students at the University of Indonesia and met there. Halilintar studied at the UI Faculty of Engineering, while Lenggogeni was enrolled in the UI Faculty of Economics. At the time of their marriage, Halilintar was 27 years old, and Lenggogeni was 20. Two years into their marriage, they welcomed their first child, Muhammad Attamimi Halilintar, on November 20, 1994.

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Who is Atta Halilintar?

Muhammad Attamimi Halilintar popularly known as Atta Halilintar is an Indonesian content creator, singer, businessman, and overall Youtuber. He is one of the most followed people in Indonesia. As of August 2023, he has over 30 million Youtube subscribers.

Atta Halilintar
Atta Halilintar

Atta Halilintar is the eldest among his siblings popularly known as the Gen Halilintar Family. He is married to Aurel Hermansyah, the first child of a politician and musician. They welcomed their first child Ameena in February 2022. They will be welcoming their second child in 2023.

Atta Halilintar together with his wife and Daughter

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