Janice Rogers

Janice Rogers, The Veteran Journalist at FOX6 Was Raised in a Blended Family

Who is Janice Rogers?

Janice Rogers is a veteran broadcaster in the United States. She works as a news anchor at FOX6 WBRC. Rogers has served as the anchor of “Good Day Alabama” at WBRC for 25 years and before that, she hosted the “DayBreak” show for a few years.

Rogers has a special bond with her audience because she gets up early to interact with them and is often the first person they come across in the early hours of the day. She has always been at ease discussing her life on television, which contributed to the growth of a loyal fan base.

Janice Rogers is a Devoted Christian

Rogers was raised in a Christian environment, and her faith is an essential component of her everyday life. Her faith was tested at the time she lost her family members and she had to deal with grief back to back.

She had lost her mother and father, and then her sister-in-law followed. This was very heavy luggage for her to bear psychologically. During those trying times, Rogers relied more heavily on her faith.

She said; “I prayed and had several questions with God. I didn’t understand why they were taken, but I know we’ll figure it out in time. I have faith and I know we’ll see each other again someday.”

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Janice Rogers Was Raised in a Blended Family

First and foremost, Rogers is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. She relocated to Birmingham and enrolled at McAdory High School for her high school studies and later enrolled at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is the youngest of seven siblings; five brothers and a sister.

Her parents had previously been married and had three children each before marrying and giving birth to her. She said; “Growing up, we felt like such a traditional family, almost like a TV family. We were very close and at ease, and I assumed that every family was like ours.”

Janice Rogers Height

The FOX6 journalist stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches.

Janice Rogers Husband

Rogers is married to her loving husband, Mark McCulloch. They are blessed with one child, a son named Noah McCulloch. Not much is known about Mark but in February 2022, she revealed some details of concern about her husband. She said;

“My husband has had very serious health issues, and much of our audience knows that. It’s important to know that people in the public eye don’t have perfect lives.”

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Janice Rogers Career From Intern to FOX 6 Anchor

Janice started her career as an Intern while still a student at UAB. She also worked as an intern at the nearby NBC affiliate. She started her career professionally at Channel 13 as a general assignment reporter.

Janice Rogers
Janice and her colleagues

Janice was eventually appointed to East Alabama Bureau Chief, after which she became a midday anchor and, eventually a weekend anchor. In August 1994, Channel 6 was fortunate enough to capture the attention of Janice away from “next door” and back to her dream job at WBRC.

She wasn’t aware that the station was on the verge of being bought by FOX New Corp. at the time, and she also had no idea she was about to launch a brand-new morning program that would later become known as “Good Day Alabama.”

She would go on to anchor Good Day for the next 3 decades. At the moment, Janice and the Good Day team broadcast six hours of morning television. She co-anchors the program and creates individual segments. Janice has established a unique reputation at FOX6 and she has blended with the audience.

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Janice Rogers Salary

The FOX6 journalist earns an average salary of $78,536. Her wages have increased significantly over the years that she has worked in mainstream media.

Janice Rogers’ Net Worth

Rogers has a net worth that ranges between $1 million – $3 million. She generates her income from her career as a journalist.

What Did Janice Rogers Study in College?

Janice studied broadcast journalism and she received her degree upon completion of the course at the University of Alabama.


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