Kirsten Drysdale

Kirsten Drysdale Was Surprised After Her Son’s Strange Name Was Approved

Who is Kirsten Drysdale?

Kirsten Drysdale is an Australian television journalist. She works as a writer and presenter at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC TV). Kirsten joined the station in January 2023. She also made occasional guest appearances on Radio National, where she hosted the weekly consumer psychology program Talking Shop.

Drysdale formerly worked for a Brisbane-based production company that produced multimedia and films for museums and galleries before commencing her career at the ABC.

She was playing hockey for the Queensland Scorchers at the time as part of her line of work in sports. After suffering an injury she succeeded in submitting her application for a job with Project NEXT, an ABC television comedy and current events program that was eventually renamed Hungry Beast.

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Kirsten Drysdale Husband

Drysdale is married to Chris Drysdale. There is little information available to the general public about him, but his importance in her life is evident. While he may prefer to keep himself under the radar, his unwavering encouragement and moral support surely contribute to the TV host’s success.

All we know for sure is that Kirsten and her husband have three children. They show the power that comes from a strong bond and shared goals, which illustrates the beauty of a loving and supportive marriage.

Despite the fact that their marriage is still discreet, it is clear that Chris plays a very important role in Kirsten’s success both professionally and personally.

Kirsten Drysdale Was Surprised After Her Son’s Strange Name Was Approved

Kirsten decided to test the waters by proposing a really strange name for her third child, and she was surprised when it was approved. She recently welcomed her third child with her husband Chris.

Kirsten Drysdale
Kirsten and her son

She listed the name of her kid as “Methamphetamine Rules” on the New South Wales Births, Deaths, and Marriages registry. “We assumed the most ridiculous name we could come up with would be turned down, so we decided we were going to submit it regardless,” she said. Unfortunately, Methamphetamine Rules managed to slip between the cracks, so it didn’t work out that way.

However, the representative stated that the original name would not be dropped. Drysdale said she had mixed feelings about choosing between “Methamphetamine Rules” and “Nangs Rule,” referring to the Australian slang term for nitrous oxide canisters used to get a fleeting high.

She decided not to choose Nangs Rule though, in case the registrar didn’t know what Nangs meant. Drysdale stated that she had at one point believed that the registry would pick a name for her if Methamphetamine Rules or Nangs Rule, was rejected.

However, according to the state government’s website outlining the laws, if a baby’s name cannot be registered and parents do not suggest an alternative, the registrar can give the child a name.

The guidelines state that the registrar will not authorize a name if it is insensitive or not in the public interest. The registrar will also not affirm given names that contain more than 50 characters, symbols, or titles that are officially recognized or ranked such as princess, Queen, or goddess.

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How Old is Kirsten Drysdale?

Kirsten is 39 years old as of 2023. She was born in 1984, in Mackay, Australia. Kirsten holds Australian nationality.


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