Oksana Boyko

Have a look at Oksana Boyko’s Husband, Son, and Journey at RT

Who is Oksana Boyko?

Oksana Boyko is a journalist, television host, and news presenter from Russia who works for Russia Today (RT). She hosts a biweekly show called “Worlds Apart,” which is a geopolitical analysis program that addresses the world’s most pressing issues through powerful interviews with prominent people from around the world.

Oksana also appears on other international and national TV stations such as BBC where she gives her insights on discussions such as foreign politics and other international news.

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Oksana Boyko was born in Russia

Boyko is probably in her 40s. Her exact age and date of birth are not known publicly.


Boyko graduated with a B.A. in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University (SPBU) in Russia. She also graduated with a M.S. in mass communications from Kansas State University in 2004.

Oksana Boyko

Oksana Boyko Family

Boyko is very private when it comes to her family and personal life. Not much is known about her parents or siblings (if she has any). She one time shared a picture of her mother and herself while on an adventure.

Oksana Boyko Husband, Children

Boyko is married to her Turkish husband whom she once mentioned on her Twitter. During a Twitter exchange in 2019, she shared that is trying to raise her five-year-old at the time to be trilingual.

Oksana Boyko Salary and Net worth 2023

Boyko’s exact salary and net worth are currently not known. However, TV hosts on RT are estimated to earn a salary of between $ 100k – $1 million depending on their rank. As a well-known journalist, Boyko has an estimated net worth of between $200 k – $500k.

Oksana Boyko Weight Loss

Boyko was interviewed on the TV program Worlds Apart with Oksana Boyko and she wanted to share with listeners some of the aspects of losing weight. It goes over some of the basics of how fasting can be beneficial in weight loss and the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

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Oksana Boyko Russia Today

Boyko has been a part of RT since 2005, starting as a political correspondent. Later, she worked as a foreign correspondent, covering conflicts in Syria, Libya, Chechnya, and Afghanistan.

Boyko has had the opportunity to interview several prominent figures, including the Presidents of Serbia, Afghanistan, and Iceland. She has also interviewed UN Special Representative for International Migration Peter Sutherland, UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova, and UN High Commissioner on Refugees Antonio Guterres.

Boyko has appeared on national and international radio programs, such as the BBC, to discuss foreign politics. In 2021, she was appointed as the host of Worlds Apart, a biweekly geopolitical analysis show.

Boyko during her appearance on BBC
Boyko during her appearance on BBC

With her extensive knowledge, Boyko asks direct questions to provide a better understanding of the topics discussed on the show. The Worlds Apart YouTube channel has over 18,000 subscribers.

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