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Rachel Campos Duffy Salary 2023, Height, New Baby, Husband, Net Worth

Who is Rachel Campos Duffy?

Rachel Campos Duffy is an American journalist working for FOX News. Her first show on television was the series The Real World: San Francisco on MTV reality television in 1994.

She was then a television guest host for The View on ABC before settling on Fox News. On Fox News, Rachel has hosted a number of shows such as Outnumbered, Moms on FOX Nation, and Fox and Friends. In May 2021, she was named a permanent co-host on Fox & Friends Weekend.

Rachel Campos Duffy Net Worth & Salary 2023

Campos Duffy has an estimated net worth of 800k as of 2023. She has earned this figure from her career as a talk show host and television personality for Fox News. Campos earns an annual salary of $400, 000 with a monthly income of $14,000 monthly.

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Rachel Campos Duffy was born in Tempe, Arizona

Campos Duffy is 50 years old. she was born on October 22, 1971, in Tempe, Arizona. Duffy stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Rachel Campos Duffy FOX News

Campos works for FOX News as the co-host of “FOX & Friends Weekend” and FOX Nation’s Moms, on FNC’s on-demand subscription-based streaming service.

Moms Show aims to shine a light on family life and motherhood with women from across the country. She is also a recurring guest host on FOX & Friends and Outnumbered.

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Rachel Campos Duffy TV personality

Campos Duffy was cast on The Real World: San Francisco in January 1994, and she lived with her six housemates on Russian Hill in San Francisco from February 12 to June 19. On July 6, 1994, the season premiered.

Campos appeared on Road Rules: All-Stars in 1998, alongside cast members from previous Real World seasons, including Sean Duffy of the Real World: Boston cast, whom she later married. She auditioned three times for the role of co-host on The View, a daytime television talk show.

She later became a regular guest on NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s The View. In 2008, she co-hosted the Lifetime Network series Speaking of Women’s Health with the legendary Florence Henderson.

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Rachel Campos Duffy’s Parents

Campos was born to her parents Miguel Campos and Maria del Pilar. Her parents were both junior high school teachers in Chandler, Arizona. She was raised alongside her two brothers Patrick Campos and Joseph Campos and her sister Leah Campos Schandlbauer.

Rachel Campos Duffy’s Husband

Campos Duffy is married to her husband Sean Duffy. They met while on the set of Road Rules: All-Stars where they both co-starred. When Duffy was the District Attorney in Ashland, Wisconsin, they lived there.

In late 2011, they relocated to Weston, Wisconsin, to be closer to an airport for Duffy’s weekly commute to Washington, D.C., where he spent three or four days a week. Sean now works as a Fox News contributor. Sean and Campos have nine children.

Rachel and her husband Sean Duffy
Rachel and her husband Sean Duffy celebrating her birthday (SRC; FB)

Rachel Campos Duffy Children

Campos Duffy and her husband Sean Duffy have nine children. Their last-born child was born one month early and has Down Syndrome. Sean resigned from Congress on September 23, 2019, to focus on his family.

Their children are Patrick Miguel, Margarita, Maria-Victoria Margarita, Paloma Pilar, John-Paul, Lucia-Belén, Xavier Jack, Evita Pilar, and Valenrina StellaMaris.

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Rachel Campos Duffy’s daughter’s wedding

Rachel’s daughter Evita Pilar Duffy got married to her finance Michael Alfonso on FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2022. Their wedding took place at St. Brigid Roman Catholic Church in New Jersey with their reception at Trump National Golf Club. Their wedding was graced by former President Donald Trump and Dan Bongino among others.

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Rachel Campos Duffy New Baby

Campos Duffy and her husband Sean announced that they were expecting their baby in 2019. Their new baby Valentina Stella Maris Duffy was born in 2019 a month before her due date. She remained in the NCU until ” she learns to eat on her own.”

Valentina was born with “a heart defect (2 holes in the heart and valves that need to be fixed)” and Down Syndrome. After her birth, Campos shared on her Facebook page her experience so far with her ninth child. She said;

“Thank you to everyone who prayed for Valentina all these months — your prayers were never felt more than in the crazy hours before her emergency birth,” Campos-Duffy wrote, praising her doctors and nurses as “a reminder that America is still home to the best and most caring medical professionals in the world! Now, in addition to being ‘Lady Freedom,’ our daughter, Paloma, wants to be a NICU nurse. What a noble profession!”

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