Shane Deary

What Happened Between Shane Deary And Keri Russell?

Who is Shane Deary?

Shane Deary is an American craftsman and business owner however, many people know him as the ex-husband of American actress, Keri Russell. As a matter of fact, he came to the limelight owing to his marriage with Keri. Now that we all know Keri’s life, how about we dig deeper into Shane’s life and get to know about him?

Shane Deary is a Native of Massachusets

Deary was born in 1976 on Martha’s Vineyard, an island in Massachusetts, United States. He is currently 47 years old. Shane followed in the footsteps of his father who was a renowned contractor of the affluent summer colony. He was raised alongside his younger brother in Massachusetts.

Even as a high school student, Shane demonstrated his furniture-making abilities. He and his younger brother worked with their father to build a farmhouse using recycled supplies.

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When Did Shane Deary Marry Keri Russell

Shane and Keri Russell had a beautiful love story before going their separate ways. They were brought together by a mutual friend way back in 2002. By that time, Shane was at the beginning of his craftsman career.

Kerri on the other hand had already established herself as a popular actress. The subsequent years were extremely successful for her as she was cast in movies and films that did so well. Their relationship went so well over the next four years until 2006 when he proposed to her.

The couple married on the snowy night of Valentine’s Day in 2007. It was a private ceremony with family members and close friends in attendance. After the wedding, there was a reception at the ‘Harrison Restaurant’ in Tribeca.

What Happened With Shane Deary And Keri Russell?

After seven years of marriage, Shane filed for divorce from Keri (in 2013), citing irreconcilable differences. They remained on good terms, however, for the best interests of their children. Shane and Keri appear to have a friendly relationship even after their marriage ended.

How Many Children Do Shane Deary and Keri Have?

By the time Shane and Keri were hosting their wedding ceremony, Keri was already 5 months pregnant. They were expecting their first child together. A few months later, their son, River was born. Their second child, a daughter named Willa was born in 2011.

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Shane Deary’s Net Worth: What does Shane Deary do for a living?

Deary has an estimated net worth of $1 million. His business, “Deary Construction,” specializes in woodworking and interior design for homes.

He showed a strong interest in furniture manufacturing from a young age and ultimately made the decision to pursue what he enjoyed as a career. Shane is an amateur surfer who is working to improve his skills on the surface of the ocean.

Has Keri Russell ReMarried?

Yes, Keri went on with her life and he married Welsh actor Matthew Rhys. They are both pursuing the same career in that Matthew is her co-star in the series ‘The Americans.’ They started their relationship in 2014 and as time went by, they made the decision to settle down.

Keri and Matthew are blessed with a son named Sam who was born in 2016, about two years after their relationship began. Shane on the other hand is still single and her kept a low profile hence, not much is known about his relationship status.

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