Tia Stokes

Tia Stokes (TikTok Star) Net Worth, Husband, Age, Cancer update, COVID

Who is Tia Stokes?

Tia Stokes is an American dancer and social media star. While battling cancer, she rose to prominence by uploading her up dancing videos on multiple platform. She was dubbed the “Cancer Dancer” for battling with great humor. Aside from chemotherapy, she had to fight COVID-19 and have a bone marrow transplant before her body could start healing.

Tia Stokes Age | Birthday

Stokes is 36 years old as of 2022. She was born on January 10, 1986 in California, United States. She celebrates her birthday on 10th of January every year.

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Tia Stokes Zodiac

Stokes’ birth sign is Capricorn.

Tia Stokes Height

Stokes stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches.

Tia Stokes Family

Stokes was born to Clayton and Irene. Growing up in a big and loving family, she had determined earlier on that she preferred to have eight children, one more than her mother, and all boys.

Stokes was only 16 years old when she was advised by doctors that she might get leukemia after donating blood at a Red Cross blood drive. Her father was Chinese-Hawaiian, and her mother was Samoan, and the condition was common in Pacific Island cultures.

Tia Stokes Husband

Stokes met his future husband, Andy Stokes in 2008. Andy an NFL player went on to coach at Dixie State and Timpview High School in Orem. They were both happy in their relationship and therefore, they took the next step in getting married. The couple has four sons and one daughter together.

Tia Stokes Net Worth

Stokes has an estimated net worth of $ 500,000.

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Tia Stokes Egg Donation

Stokes offered to donate her egg in 2015 to help her good friend Chelsea, a Kalamity dancer who was having trouble conceiving. Her friend’s IVF procedure was successful, and she now has a daughter named Giselle.

Tia’s children regard Giselle as their sister, and the two families are close. Stokes stated that, despite her reservations about the decision, she is pleased with the outcome.

Tia Stokes Health

Aside from chemotherapy, Stokes had to fight COVID-19 and have a bone marrow transplant before her body could start healing. Despite her bald head, swelling physique, and unfavorable comments about her appearance, she continued to share uplifting words throughout her treatment.

Stokes subsequently felt so sick all the time while pregnant with her only daughter Rosie, which she mistakenly blamed on her pregnancy. The problems worsened even after the baby was born in August 2019, and she was treated for pneumonia numerous times without success.

After COVID-19 was discovered in early 2020, her physicians decided to test her for the virus, but she was instead diagnosed with leukemia and forced to undergo chemotherapy. Undaunted, she began filming her experience in small videos that included one short dance or at least slight head or hand gestures.

Her social media videos went viral, gaining her millions of fans and the moniker “Cancer Dancer.” The chemotherapy, however, had to be canceled due to its negative effects on her weak body, which, according to the physicians, required a bone marrow transplant.

To make matters worse, she caught COVID-19 and had to fight it “without immune system” because any therapy would have jeopardized her chances of receiving a successful transplant. Fortunately, one of her brothers was a perfect match, which she described as “a miracle.”

She received the transplant in December 2020, but experienced “graft versus host illness” as the donor immune system began attacking her “foreign” body.

She needed steroids to survive, but she gained weight quickly and became unrecognizable from her former self, for which she was chastised by the same fans who had encouraged her earlier. Nonetheless, Stokes continues to promote body-positive thoughts and images in order to serve as an inspiration to those who are battling with their body image.

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