Fayez Tlaib

What Happened Between Fayez Tlaib and Rashida Tlaib?

Who is Fayez Tlaib?

Fayez Tlaib is a Palestinian-born American businessman. He is well known as the ex-husband of American politician and attorney Rashida Tlaib, who currently represents Michigan’s 12th congressional district in Congress.

Professionally, Fayez serves as the CEO of the Tlaib Automotive Collection, a group of auto dealerships based in the Detroit area. Fayez has a history of endorsing and attending political campaigns and events led by Rashida Tlaib. He has also stated that he disagrees with the policies of former President Donald Trump.

This suggests that he has actively followed her political path and that he holds similar beliefs to hers. In this article, we have covered every aspect of his life, keep scrolling.

How Old is Fayez Tlaib?

Fayez was born on the 1st of July 1976, in Beit Ur al-Fauqa, a Palestinian village located in the Northern West Bank. He is currently 47 years old just like his wife.

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Who is Fayez Tlaib’s Ex-Wife, Rashida Tlaib?

Rashida is a politician and a lawyer by profession. She contested without anyone opposing her campaign and she ended up being the first woman of Palestinian descent in Congress. She also became the first Muslim woman to serve in the Michigan legislature, and one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress (the other being Ilhan Omar).

After leaving the state legislature, she worked at Sugar Law Center, a Detroit organization that offers free legal assistance to employees,

She denounced Hamas’s October 2023 strike on Israel on several occasions. Rashida has been the Congresswoman who has called for a ceasefire the most strongly during the 2023 Israel-Hamas conflict.

She stated that she has always criticized Israel’s governance, particularly Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and that it is crucial to keep people and governments apart. She finished by saying that every government can be criticized.”

Rashida and her coworker Ilhan Omar were informed by Israel on August 15, 2019, that they would not be allowed into the country. The following day, Rashida’s request to see her family in the Israeli-occupied West Bank was approved by Israeli authorities on the basis of humanitarianism, subject to various limitations on her utterances regarding politics.

What Happened Between Fayez Tlaib and Rashida Tlaib?

Fayez married his wife, Rashida in 1998. It is reported that they divorced in 2015 for reasons unknown to us. They have two sons together named Adam and Yousif.

Fayez Tlaib

What Happened Between Fayez and His Ex-Wife?

To be clear, Fayez Tlaib has continuously refuted claims that he was the victim of domestic abuse, even though his ex-wife Susan Tlaib leveled similar accusations against him in 2018. Claims of this sort might be legally intricate and ought to be addressed via the proper legal processes in order to ascertain the truthfulness of the allegations.

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When Was Fayez Tlaib’s Wife Born?

Fayez’s wife was born on July 24, 1976, in Detroit, Michigan, United States. Tlaib was the oldest and helped to look after her siblings while her parents were at work. Her father was employed by Ford Motor Company on an assembly line.


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