Theresa Nist

Theresa Nist is in the Trading Industry, What is her Net Worth?

Who is Theresa Nist?

Theresa Nist is well known for being a finalist on The Golden Bachelor. Nist and Leslie Fhima are the finalists in The Golden Bachelor’s first season fighting for Gerry Turner‘s heart. Nist works professionally as a financial service professional in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

Theresa Nist Children

Nist has two adult children Jen Woolston and Tommy Nist. Her son Tommy 46, works at Carolina Sun Carts and previously owned Beach House Boat Rentals. He is now married to Amanda Gregorio Nist and has three children who live in South Carolina.

Theresa’s daughter Jen Woolston works at The Roving Bar. She is currently 38 years old born in January 1985. Jen and her husband Matthew Wolston have three children Henry, Dempsey, and Leo. Nist has a total of six grandchildren who she loves dearly.

Theresa Nist Parents

Theresa was born to her parents George Gelanti and Carmela Mazzaccaro Gelanti. George was born and raised in Jersey City but later moved to Manchester in 1996. He loved music his whole life and was a member of the Footlighters, the Leisure Knoll Italian American Club.

Her parents owned and operated the Duncan Taxi in Jersey City for over 30 years. George passed away on August 23, 2011, at 82 years old while Carmela passed away on December 19, 2014, at 83 years old.

Nist was raised alongside her brother Vincent and two sisters Charlotte and Mary.

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Theresa Nist Age

Nist is 70 years old as of 2023. She was born on August 4, 1953, in the United States.

Who was Theresa Nist’s Husband?

Theresa was previously married to William “Billy” Nist. They met as teens and slowly fell in love. Sadly, her husband who was a veteran passed away in 2014. During the show, she revealed that she was still mourning her late husband until she met Gerry Turner.

Theresa Nist
Theresa Nist (SRC; Instagram)

What does Theresa Nist Do?

According to her LinkedIn, Theresa is a financial services professional. She has been working at TFS Financial Services and holds a senior position as a compliance and operations liaison.

Her career began with successful individual account trading and progressed through essential roles at Datek Online and Stifel Nicolaus. She later managed a substantial call center at MetLife Securities. Nist taught herself the complexity of the stock market.

During their Fantasy Suite date, Gerry asked Theresa what she does for a living. She said she was a homemaker before deciding to change careers and entered the stock market. She taught herself how to trade and got a job at the company she was trading from.

Gerry who is a retired restaurateur was impressed by Theresa and what she was doing. He commented during the interview saying;

“Theresa’s very accomplished in her career. I’m totally impressed by her ability to start a business and work it into something that’s much larger. It’s pretty incredible.” He went on joking that he was “in the presence of someone who’s really got their s–t together.”

What is Theresa Nist’s Net Worth?

As a financial services professional and someone working in the Trading industry, Theresa seems to be accomplished. Even though her actual net worth is not known, she is estimated to be worth between $200k to $500k.

Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor

Theresa was among the 22 women who were competing for The Golden Bachelor’s Heart Gerry Turner. The contestants are in their golden years ranging between 60 and 75 years old. The women come from all works of professions, some are divorced, widowed, and with grandchildren ready to find love in their golden years.

The contestants include Anna Zalk, April Kirkwood 65, Christina Kempton 73, Edith Aguirre 60, Ellen Goltzer 71, Faith Martin 61, Jeanie Howard 65, Joan Vassos 60, Kathy Swarts 70, Leslie Fhima 64, Maria Trice 60, Marina 60, Nancy Hulkower 60, Natascha Hardee 60, Pamela Burns 75, Patty James 70, Peggy Dercole 69, Renee Halverson-Wright 67,  Sandra 75, Susan Noles 66, Sylvia Robledo 64, and Theresa Nist 70.

What is The Golden Bachelor All about?

The Golden Bachelor is a new spinoff of the Bachelor Franchise which will feature “a whole new kind of love story — one for the golden years.” As the description for the show reads, the series follows a “hopeless romantic,” who seizes his “second chance at love in the search for a partner with whom to share the sunset years of life.”

Turner who is 72 years old will be the first Golden Bachelor of the show. He will get to date 22 women in order to find “the one”. The show will be hosted by Jesse Palmer who was once The Bachelor Lead in season 5.


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