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  1. Mr and Ms, you think you got problems now ? Wait until your kids come home from being teased etc.That’s when the real money comes in. Drs etc want to use you and will use u bc u got l dough! Get ready. Wait until this mess hit the court room!

  2. Stop the madness, disrespect. At the end of the day “You all have children “! Is it to late to continue to make that money raise those kids. That’s all should matter!

  3. Hello Robert and Mrs Latruth,
    I watched your live today and I was really moved on how much you two love each other. Mrs Latruth break down anytime you want cause that’s how GOD made us. I am PRAYING for your husband’s recovery.

  4. Hey dare Mr & Mrs Latruth, May God Continual 2 move N U 2….. I hope & pray All Cancerous cells B removed from ur body…… U 2 inspire me alot…… I’ve been following u guys 4 quite sum time…….Keep up da Gud work! Peace & Grace!

  5. Mr. Latruth the only thing you need to do is to keep your faith in God. He’ll never leave you nor forsake you. I know this for myself because I been sick for 28 years. My doctors gave me up to die 28 years ago. I still have terminal medical conditions. But I’m still here by the grace of God.
    Just imagine how many friends and love ones I seen that has gone on before me. I wish I was near you I could tell you some testimonies that God has brought me through. So you just be strong in the Lord and cast all your burdens upon him. I love you and your family. Be bless my child.

  6. Latruth(Robert Hampton) I must be honest I just started following you and your beautiful wife Briana over the past few months. Reason being I heard your #1 Hit song ( Drop it low). I can’t get it out of my head. Though everyone I ask in Las Vegas, they have never heard it . The music as well as the words make my day. I am not a social media person really, but got bored and heard your song on Tik Tok. I am home now taking care of my mom. I enjoy very much caring for others and if I could do more I would l you and you wife. I am a caregiver that cares for my patients well and beyond. I love how you and Briana relate to the real world. You both have help alot of needy people. Briana’s designer clothes are beautiful. I like how she caters to all shape and sizes. I get a kick out of Briana and you cranking each other. Latruth your daughter Lauryl is definitely your twin. All your children are beautiful and Amoura is such a precious soul. You and Briana have a lovely family together. Let Briana know her father is going to get her back good one day, cranking him (LOL). I want the both of you to continue to inspire others. Their are others that are not going to agree and I love how you handle them as well. My personal opinion neither of you should have nothing inappropriate to be said towards you. Those that do need to accept the way life and the world is now. I am nobody of importance trying to survive day by day taking care of mom. Mom is #1. So my opinion don’t really matter but I just want you to know how I felt.

    1. I am a big fan of latruth he inspire me in many ways. I will keep you in my prayers my mom died from cancer. You got this stay strong and trust in the lord. They don’t call him doctor Jesus for nothing.

  7. I love you guys I watch you all the time just keep doing what you guys do I just love you guys

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